Lights Can Transfrom Any Space
There are 2 aspects of lighting - utility and design - that need to be considered when lighting a space. Lighting designers use different features of lighting to highlight the different areas on interiors and exteriors of a space. Just as the interplay of color and texture are used byRead More
Led bulbs
Over the past few years, the world has turned its attention towards energy-efficient lighting sources, thanks to fluorescent bulbs. In the present era, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have made their way into the market as more efficient energy-saving sources of light. In a short span of time, LEDs have becomeRead More
Consuming too much of electricity is not only harmful to the earth; but the huge energy bills that it brings along often burn a big hole in our pockets. Switching to some easy changes can help you counter both these issues at once. A house with a lot of naturalRead More
The 21st century has definitely seen a rise in the level of awareness regarding environmental conservation and sustainability. From efficient waste disposal to water conservation, everybody is looking for ways to make sure that the earth stays green. But, if you are still wondering if switching off the lights whenRead More
Do you want to improve the lighting at your commercial establishment, while controlling the operational costs? If so, then the world of commercial lighting has some great innovations for you to explore. No matter whether you own a big or small facility, chances are high that you are looking forRead More
Dos & Don’ts of LED Lighting
Changing the wallpaper, bringing new plush carpets, and introducing colorful accents to your home aren’t the only ways to make it look great. When it comes to giving your place a makeover, you can switch to trendy and cost-effective LED lights as well. Apart from adding a sophisticated look toRead More
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  There is no denying that light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs have changed the world by taking energy-efficient light to every nook and corner. But what are LED filaments? You might have heard of them a number of times before. So, here’s some quick information about these wonder lights. What areRead More
How to choose the right LED lighting for your house The world of lighting has evolved rapidly in the past few years. Today, lighting or illumination is perceived to be more than just a decorative element in homes. No doubt that well-planned lighting can improve the aesthetics of a place;Read More