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LED mirror W48, W36, W24″*H36″, 6500k,75W,60W,50W(with de-fogging module),2.95″ frosted edge

LED mirror lights are a type of lighting specifically designed for use with mirrors. They are commonly used in bathrooms, dressing rooms, and vanity areas to provide functional and aesthetic lighting. LED mirror lights offer several advantages over traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting, such as energy efficiency, longevity, and the ability to produce different color temperatures. Here are some key features and benefits of LED mirror lights:

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LED mirror with specific specifications. Let’s break down the details:

  1. Size: The mirror comes in three different sizes:
    • W48 (width of 48 inches)
    • W36 (width of 36 inches)
    • W24″ * H36″ (width of 24 inches and height of 36 inches)
  2. Color Temperature: The LED lights in the mirror have a color temperature of 6500 Kelvin (6500K). This color temperature is often referred to as “daylight white” and provides a bright, cool-toned light similar to natural daylight.
  3. Wattage: The LED mirror has three different models with varying wattage:
    • 75W model
    • 60W model
    • 50W model
  4. De-fogging Module: All three models of the LED mirror come with a de-fogging module. This feature helps to prevent fogging on the mirror’s surface, making it convenient to use in humid environments like bathrooms.
  5. Frosted Edge: The mirror has a frosted edge with a width of 2.95 inches. The frosted edge adds a decorative touch to the mirror and can also help soften the light emitted by the LEDs.

Overall, this LED mirror seems to offer a range of options in terms of size and wattage, and it includes a de-fogging feature to enhance its usability in various settings.


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