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5inch led panel light,135x13mm, 6W, Surface mounted,white finish,3CCT 120Vac

5inch led panel light,135x13mm,
6W, Surface mounted,white finish,3CCT
120Vac,triac dimmable,300lm,CRI80
Damp location

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  1. LED panel light. Let’s break down the information:
    1. Size: 5 inches (diameter) LED panel light with dimensions of 135x13mm.
    2. Power: The light has a power rating of 6W, indicating its energy consumption.
    3. Mounting: It is designed to be surface-mounted, which means it is installed directly on the surface of a ceiling or wall.
    4. Finish: The LED panel light comes in a white finish, which is a common and versatile color for lighting fixtures.
    5. 3CCT: This refers to the light’s ability to change its color temperature. CCT stands for Correlated Color Temperature, and “3CCT” likely means that the light can switch between three different color temperatures (e.g., warm white, neutral white, and cool white).
    6. Voltage: The light operates on 120Vac, which means it can be directly connected to a standard 120-volt alternating current power source commonly used in North America.
    7. Dimmable: The light is triac dimmable, meaning it can be controlled using a compatible dimmer switch that uses triac technology.
    8. Brightness: The LED panel light produces 300 lumens of light output. Lumens measure the brightness of a light source, so this gives you an idea of how much light it emits.
    9. CRI: The light has a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80. CRI measures how accurately a light source can render colors compared to natural light, with higher values indicating better color rendering.
    10. Damp Location: The LED panel light is suitable for installation in damp locations. Damp locations are areas with moderate levels of moisture, such as bathrooms or covered outdoor areas, where the fixture may be exposed to some humidity or moisture.


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