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6″ LED Square Down Light with 5CCT Tunable, 15W, Dimmable 120V AC, 2700/3000/4000/5000K,

6″ LED Square Down Light with 5CCT Tunable, 15W, Dimmable  120V AC,  2700/3000/4000/5000K,  CRI>90, 120V triac dimmable, wet location.  1000 delivered lumen.ETL and ES listed.12 pcs per carton.

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  1. Type: LED Square Down Light with 5CCT (Color Correlated Temperature) tunable, designed for recessed ceiling installations.
  2. Power: Consumes 15W of power, providing efficient and sufficient illumination for various applications.
  3. Voltage: Operates on 120V AC power supply.
  4. Color Temperature (CCT) Options: The light offers four CCT options: 2700K (warm white), 3000K (warm white), 4000K (neutral white), and 5000K (cool white), providing a wide range of color temperature choices to suit different lighting preferences and applications.
  5. Dimmable: The light is dimmable using 120V triac dimmers, allowing you to adjust its brightness level smoothly and efficiently.
  6. CRI (Color Rendering Index): The CRI is greater than 90, indicating that it provides accurate color representation, making it suitable for areas where color accuracy is important.
  7. Delivered Lumen: The light emits 1000 lumens of brightness, providing ample light for various indoor spaces.
  8. Certifications: ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) and ES listed, ensuring safety and compliance with performance standards.
  9. Wet Location: Suitable for wet locations, making it suitable for areas exposed to moisture or humidity.
  10. Packaging: Comes in packs of 12 pieces per carton, providing convenience for bulk orders or larger lighting installations.

This 6″ LED Square Down Light is a versatile and tunable lighting solution suitable for various indoor applications. The 5CCT tunable feature allows you to adjust the color temperature between warm white (2700K, 3000K), neutral white (4000K), and cool white (5000K), providing flexibility to create different lighting moods or adapt the lighting to specific activities or preferences.

The dimmable feature using 120V triac dimmers provides smooth and precise control over the brightness, allowing you to create the desired ambiance or adjust the lighting level as needed.


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