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Bullhorn with 2 Arms at 180 degree;Black Finish;

Bullhorn with 2 Arms at 180 degree;Black Finish;

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Bullhorn with 2 Arms at 180 degrees” with the provided UPC code “6505925383916” in my database.

A “Bullhorn” in lighting and fixture terms typically refers to an accessory that allows you to mount multiple fixtures or arms onto a single pole, resembling the shape of a bull’s horns.

The “2 Arms at 180 degrees” suggests that it has two arms extending in opposite directions at a 180-degree angle, providing versatility for mounting fixtures in different orientations.

The “Black Finish” indicates that it has a black coating or paint for a visually appealing appearance and weather resistance.

The “slip fit onto 2-3/8″ tenons” indicates that the bullhorn is designed to fit onto round poles with a diameter of 2-3/8 inches.

If this product exists, you may want to check with local lighting supply shops, hardware stores, or online retailers using the UPC code provided to find more information, availability, and specifications. As my knowledge might not be up-to-date, it’s always best to verify with current sources.


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