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Bullhorn with 3 Arms at 120 degree;Black Finish;

Bullhorn with 3 Arms at 120 degree;Black Finish;

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Bullhorn with 3 Arms at 120 degrees” is an accessory used in lighting installations to mount multiple fixtures or arms onto a single pole, arranged in a symmetrical manner at 120-degree intervals.

The “Black Finish” indicates that the bullhorn has a black coating or paint, providing a visually appealing appearance and protection against the elements.

The “slip fit onto 2-3/8″ tenons” means that the bullhorn is designed to fit onto round poles with a diameter of 2-3/8 inches, ensuring a secure and stable installation.

The SKU “YR-BH-3-120-RND” is a specific product identifier used by a manufacturer or retailer for internal reference and inventory management.

The UPC code “6505925384074” is a unique product identifier used for barcoding and inventory tracking purposes.

If you are interested in this product, you can check with lighting supply shops, hardware stores, or online retailers using the UPC code or SKU provided to find more information, availability, and specifications. If the product exists, these sources should be able to provide more details and assist you with your purchase.



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