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  • “SCONCE” still refers to the type or style of the lighting fixture, which is typically a wall-mounted fixture used for various lighting purposes.
  • “WL2034SN” appears to be a model number or identifier for this particular sconce model.
  • “4W” indicates that the fixture has a power consumption of 4 watts, giving you an idea of its energy usage.
  • “CCT” stands for “Correlated Color Temperature,” which refers to the color appearance of the light emitted by the fixture. The inclusion of “CCT” suggests that this sconce model likely offers an adjustable or tunable color temperature feature, allowing you to customize the light’s color to match your preferences or the desired lighting ambiance.

If you’re interested in using the SCONCE WL2034SN 4W – CCT, you might want to gather more information about its design, features, color temperature adjustment capabilities, installation guidelines, and any other relevant details. It’s also worth considering the intended use case, such as indoor or outdoor placement, to ensure the fixture suits your needs.


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