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Solderless connector between led strips without wires BY AIR

Solderless connector  between led strips without wires

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  1. Prepare the LED Strips: Cut the LED strips to the desired length, ensuring that you cut them at designated cut points (if applicable) to avoid damaging the LEDs.
  2. Open the Connector: Most solderless connectors have a hinged or sliding cover that you can open to access the connector terminals.
  3. Insert the LED Strip: Carefully insert the cut end of one LED strip into one side of the connector. Make sure to align the strip’s positive and negative terminals with the connector’s corresponding terminals.
  4. Close the Connector: Close the hinged or sliding cover of the connector, which will secure the LED strip in place and make the electrical connection.
  5. Repeat for Additional Strips: If you want to connect more LED strips, simply repeat the process, connecting the next strip to the other side of the connector. This allows you to extend your LED lighting setup as needed.
  6. Test the Connection: After connecting the LED strips, test the lighting to ensure that they are functioning correctly.


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