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"TP421 series; 150W Max; Power & 3CCT Tunable;3'' Tenon;Black Finish; - LED King Dallas

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“TP421 series; 150W Max; Power & 3CCT Tunable;3” Tenon;Black Finish;

TP421 series; 150W Max; Power & 3CCT Tunable;3” Tenon;Black Finish;

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TP421 series” is a type of outdoor lighting fixture with the following specifications:

  • Power: The fixture can handle a maximum power rating of 150W. This means it is designed to accommodate bulbs or LED modules with a power consumption of up to 150 watts.
  • 3CCT Tunable: The fixture is capable of 3CCT tunable lighting. CCT stands for “Correlated Color Temperature,” and 3CCT tunable means that the light’s color temperature can be adjusted to three different settings, allowing you to choose between different shades of white light (e.g., warm white, cool white, or daylight).
  • Mounting: The fixture is designed to be mounted on a 3” tenon. A tenon is a projection on the fixture that fits into a corresponding hole or receptacle on the pole or post.
  • Finish: The fixture has a black finish, providing a visually appealing appearance and protection against the elements.
  • Sensors: The fixture does not come with any sensors. This means it does not include a photocell sensor or motion sensor. Photocell sensors are used to automatically turn the light on at dusk and off at dawn, while motion sensors activate the light when motion is detected.
  • UPC Code: 6505925381004. This is a unique product identifier used for barcoding and inventory tracking purposes.


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