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SCONCE WL2534L 10W - CCT - LED King Dallas

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  • “SCONCE” continues to refer to the type or style of the lighting fixture. As mentioned earlier, sconces are wall-mounted light fixtures.
  • “WL2534L” is likely a model number or identifier for this particular sconce model, similar to the previous examples.
  • “10W” indicates the power consumption of the lighting fixture, which is 10 watts. This wattage measurement tells you how much energy the fixture consumes.
  • “CCT” stands for “Correlated Color Temperature.” Unlike the previous examples where a specific color temperature like “3000K” was mentioned, here “CCT” suggests that this fixture might have an adjustable or tunable color temperature. This means you could potentially customize the color of the light to suit your preference or the specific lighting needs of your space.

If you’re considering using the SCONCE WL2534L 10W – CCT, you might want to find out more about its features, how to adjust the color temperature, installation instructions, and any other relevant details.


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